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GLCC Member Testimonials
  • Since being a part of Global Leadership, I have a true understanding of the word of God that I did not have before. Pastor Tony really teaches and helps us understand what the bible is saying. I also have learned the true meaning of church, fellowship, accountability, business success, and most importantly…Love.

    -Janee Aponte
  • I wasn’t looking for a church home when I came to Global Leadership Christian Center, but was fulfilling a promise to “Just come Visit”.  But GOD…after the first service I found myself coming back each Sunday and was led by God to join. God is looking for a church that will rightly divide His Word without compromise and I found it at Global Leadership Christian Center!  My life has been transformed because of the renewing of my mind.  I have a new found respect and love for God because of the teachings and my spiritual growth.

    -Vanessa Byrd
  • This church  has changed  my life, being  a part of a church  where you can learn  the word and Grow together  is a miraculous feeling! When i first  attended  GLCC it was due to a function  i found  off  of  Event Brite, at that point  i felt  at home!  I never  experienced a place  where  i didn’t  need to keep visiting  to decide if this was my church  home! Pastor T and E are great  leaders of God! This is not Just  a church, this is truly  a home that represents  the body  of Jesus.

    – Chanel Green
  • “I can’t say enough about how my life has changed since I became a part of Global Leadership. GLCC is a powerful church where prayer and reading the Word are key to spiritual growth in Christ.”

    — Jerrica Dodd
    Devoted Member
  • “Being a part of Global Leadership Christian Center has transformed my life in so many ways, words cannot explain! From Dial in for the Word, to the 4th Tuesday Bible Study’s, as well as the Sunday Messages which gives us great tools and mechanisms for daily living.”

    — Nickie Medlin
    Devoted Member
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Matthew 15

12Then the disciples came to him and asked, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?”

Jesus had just finished roasting the hypocrisy of the Pharisees! How they were so religious in swing the sin of others but missed their own evil ways.... The disciples came to Jesus about the offense of the Pharisees for mainly two reasons. One they didn't want any trouble from this powerful religious sect and two they had not reached the maturity to trust in God for their lives...

The lesson from this for all Christians is two fold; number one anytime you offend people and you know you are acting according to God's word then you must have peace about it!

Secondly your fear of man and not telling them the truth can't be greater than your fear of God and not walking in truth!

The truth is; to gain Jesus Christ is to lose people.... at some point all Christians will face this dilemma. Do I do as many of the soft empathetic Christians do today and sugar coat every single biblical principle to not offend people or do I love people enough to offend them through Godly love!

I saw a church banner today and it was for alternative life styles and it said we are the church for all people and all life styles; and to that i smiled and said we already have a church for that and that's called the world!

Gods church isn't for all and its its certainly not for alternative life styles it's for eternity life styles. Jesus said it best, you have made my church a den of thieves and robbers but I'm putting you out of Gods house because this house shall be called a house of prayer!

Jesus Christ also said in John 10 Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.

Again Jesus not afraid to offend... Listen you can sweeten it up and say you don't want to be judgmental or you want to make sure you tell people about Jesus in love or what ever other reason you have for not being truthful to people.

However i'll tell you this; the world is so offensive right now it need to be offended! Question is grabbing someone by their hair offensive? I'm sure you would say yes. Now what if the only way to save someone from stepping out into traffic and being struck by a car or truck you had to grab them by their hair, would you? No doubt if it was someone you loved the answer would be yes!

Hey anyone not living according to God's word is walking into dangerous traffic and i think it's time to pull their hair and keep them from danger! Hey they may have a slight attitudes headache but at least you saved their life! Go save a life today, tell people the truth!
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