Why become a member? Tranform Your Walk & Tranform Your World

1)  Personal Sense of Belonging.

By choosing to become a member, you are making a conscious choice to identify with other believers and become part of this church family.

2) Personal Significance.

Becoming a member will open up new opportunities for you to serve in significant ministry roles within our church family.

3) Personal Relationships.

By actively identifying with our church, you will enter into new meaningful relationships you would not experience if you stay on the fringe of our church family.

4) Personal Development:

By committing yourself to becoming a member, you will have a greater focus to use and develop your gifts, enhance serving skills, and advance leadership within yourself and our church family.

5) Personal Rewards:

Jesus Christ promises to reward us for our service for others.  Your loving service within our church family will have eternal significance in your life and the lives of others.  You will also experience the joy of transformation and the reward of being part of what God is doing with and through our entire Global Leadership Church Ministry.